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1. What is the difference between leasing and Murabaha financing?
– Lease facility is a product used to fund capital expenditures of the business or, in other terms, it is used for purchasing fixed assets for a business; whereas the Murabaha facility is a credit tool to provide working capital for a business.
– In a lease facility, the asset title is vested in the name of the leasing company, whereas in a Murabaha facility the asset is pledged as security.
2. Can an individual apply for facilities from YANAL?
– No, presently YANAL only offers facilities to commercial entities.
3. What are the basic documents required while applying for a facility from YANAL?
– The applicant should be a legally registered business entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and provide a copy of the certificate of registration along with relevant company documents
– Financial statements for 2 years
– Details of the asset for which finance is required
– YANAL may request additional business-related documentation during the approval process.
4. What type of lease facility does YANAL offer?
– At YANAL, we offer finance lease options, which are lease to own products. During the lease tenure, the asset ownership rests with the leasing company (with the lessee being the user). Upon the payment of all dues, as stipulated in the lease agreement, the asset ownership is transferred to the lessee.
5. Can we apply for an operating lease from YANAL?
– YANAL does not offer operating lease options. However, the lessee can negotiate with the respective supplier for a maintenance package, and YANAL can finance the costs involved.
6. Can we purchase assets from any supplier?
– YANAL prefers that assets are purchased from local agents or through a company-approved supplier. You can contact a YANAL representative for more information about your supplier to determine if they are approved, or to enquire whether provision can be made to purchase assets sold by the relevant supplier. Furthermore, your YANAL representative can also assist you with procuring assets through our approved suppliers at competitive prices.
7. Can we request a facility for assets purchased from international suppliers?
– YANAL does not purchase assets directly from international suppliers. However, we can offer a facility under the “Sale & Lease Back” product upon arrival of the asset or structure a suitable facility to fund your requirements against existing assets.
8. What type of assets does YANAL lease?
– YANAL offers lease facilities for any productive standalone assets ranging from a photocopy machine to large production plants or vehicles to commercial real estate.
9. What type of real estate does YANAL lease?
– YANAL leases commercial realestate’s such as commercial buildings, warehouses, factory complexes, and any other real estates used for commercial purposes
10. Can we lease or apply for a Murabaha facility for a residential real estate?
– YANAL does not offer facilities for residential properties.
11. Are facilities offered by YANAL applicable for Value Added Tax (VAT)?
– Value Added Tax is not applicable to financial services. Therefore, our rentals or instalments for lease or Murabaha facilities will not include Value Added Tax. However, Value Added Tax is applicable to any other services which do not fall under the scope of financial services.
12. What are the conventional advantages of Leasing?
– Funds not tied-up. Leasing diversifies funding sources and does not tie-up existing working capital or credit lines.
– Cash flow benefits. Instalment payments are determined at the inception of a lease and therefore assist with expense budgeting and cash flow forecasting.
– Certainty. A lease is a fixed-term contract during which the instalment amount cannot be modified, nor is it cancellable by the lessor (unless breach of contract occurs), while an overdraft or a bank loan may be payable on demand and may be reduced at the discretion of the lender.
– Flexible. Leasing arrangements are very flexible and can be designed for up to a seven-year period to suit the cash flow requirements of the lessee.
13. We have already purchased assets. Can we apply for a facility?
– Yes. You can apply for a “Sale & Lease Back” facility where YANAL will finance the purchased assets at market price. Contact your YANAL representative for more details.
14. What is the time-frame for a facility transaction?
– YANAL prides itself on customer focus and speed of response. The time required to successfully complete a facility transaction could range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity and size of the transaction.

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